Learning British UK Accent (RP): Some Business Words and their Pronunciations

Some Business Words and their Pronunciations

Short presentation to help you improve your RP British accent pronunciation.  Focusing on Business words, this free British accent training can help you feel more confident with your pronunciation in a business situation.

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Adrienne said...

Hi, I chanced upon your site on youtube, it is useful as it helps me to speak more properly. Do hope to see more of your works.

Alina I. said...

Hiya! I have a question that is not related to the topic of business pronounciation, I'm afraid. How do you use your tongue so as not to pronounce the last "r", like in father? I know the word should sound like "Fatah" with a British accent, and the English teacher told us to stick our tongue to the palate while pronouncing father, so as to omit the last "r", but it's quite difficult during a conversation.

Thank you!

Laks said...

Fantastic blog! Helps me to neutralize my accent while speaking English. Thank you.

The Phone Voice said...

Thank you all very much for your kind comments - they are all much appreciated.

Alina - when you say FATHER, say it like FAR-THE : that should help with the pronunciation.