Learning British UK Accent (RP): 03/01/2010 - 04/01/2010

More British Accent audio coming soon!


I do hope you have been enjoying the presentations so far!

I am just completing some more practice courses to help all those who are interested in developing their RP British Accent.  This time, I’ve decided to produce the lessons as  just MP3 files with a PDF of the script for you to follow when listening to the audio.  After many of you have asked if the previous courses were available in mp3 format to download and listen to on your mp3 players I thought this would be the way to go for future courses.  

There will be a small charge for each of the new course material – but those who purchased the Sounds In The British Accent presentation will be entitled to a discount. 

Keep an eye out on the blog for updates!!

Happy learning!