Learning British UK Accent (RP): 07/01/2010 - 08/01/2010

Something for the weekend…

Its the end of the week and you’ve got the whole weekend to practice your British (RP) Accent training.  If you’ve enjoyed the audioboos this week than why not check out my other British Accent presentations.

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Happy accent training!

3 Ways the Internet Can Help Improve Your British Accent




If you are thinking of improving your British accent than the internet can be a great source of tools to help you with your accent training. But before we go any further, you should be clear what you mean by the term 'British Accent'. As I'm sure you're aware Britain has many accents and there is not really a standard British accent which is common to all speakers and all regions. When many people refer to a British accent, they tend to mean the RP or Received pronunciation form of British English accent. Some people also use the terms 'Queens English' or 'BBC English' to describe the accent they would like to develop. If you are looking to learn a specific regional accent of Britain than it would be wise to specify this when searching for training material. For example, learning Cockney or learning a West Country accent.

Here are some ideas how the internet can help you improve your British accent.

1. Podcasts: Download and listen to native British speakers podcast recordings. Here you will find presenters speaking in a more relaxed and natural way. Search for podcasts on topics that particularly interest you so not only will you be practicing your British accent as you listen, you will also be picking up valuable information on your chosen subject as you do so. If you can improve and develop your accent as you listen to some inspiring and uplifiting commentary then it will make accent training more fun and pleasurable. Remember to listen to the speech and repeat the words and phrases as you do so. You may need to listen to each podcast a number of times so you don't miss anything!!

You can also find Mp3 recordings specifically designed to help with British accent pronunciation training. Some mp3's focus on particular words and phrases others can be more conversational/roleplaying exercises.

2. Audio books: Much the same principle applies here as to Podcasts. Download and listen to spoken books narrated by British accent authors or voiceover artists. Not only will you be following an entertaining story you will be listening to the pronunciation and practicing your accent as you do so. Take a look at the Audible website to find both fiction and non-fiction audio book recordings.

The great thing about Audio books and Podcasts is that they can be downloaded to your smart-phone or MP3 player so you can listen to them 'on the go'. Each trip to work, or session at the gym, visit to the supermarket, can be accompanied by your accent training mp3 audio files.

3. YouTube. Here you can access and watch video presentations specifically for learning the British accent all completely free. You can also watch British speakers or actors in more general situations, in films, drama, corporate speaking informational videos and still gain a great deal of knowledge how to speak with a RP or regional accent. If you can watch their mouths as they speak than this can be helpful to improve the way you form the British accent sounds with your lips, mouth and tongue. Watch and mimic the speakers you like the sound of, and this practice should help improve your spoken accent.

The internet is a great source of accent training material. I hope these 3 suggestions will help you find learning tools that will help you improve your own British English accent.

For British Accent training presentations visit my website: http://www.learningbritishaccent.com and my blog: http://www.learningbritishaccent.blogspot.com/

Additional MP3 files offer

A couple of people have asked recently whether it is still possible to purchase the additional 10 mp3 files for the discounted price of £10.99.  Unfortunately this was an introductory offer and came to an end on the 31st May. 

Keep an eye on the blog for future promotions!

Apologies to those who could not take advantage of the offer.