Learning British UK Accent (RP): 08/01/2010 - 09/01/2010

Learn to Speak with a British Accent iPhone App now available in India.


Alison Pitman Voiceover Services has teamed up with US software developers Zepho Inc to bring to market the first British Accent training app available to download on the iPhone and iPad. The new app can currently be downloaded from the iTunes app store for $4.99 / £2.99.

As India has become a major hub in the business process outsourcing industry, more and more Indian employees are looking to develop an RP British accent to improve their employability within these companies.  Many staff members are encouraged to develop a British accent as it’s seen to be helpful when communicating with their overseas customers and colleagues. Often in-house training is undertaken in reducing a native accent and developing a speaking voice with a more Received Pronunciation British accent.   Now employees have a new tool to help with their training – the British Accent app!

The training material covers the different sounds of the consonants and vowels found in the Received Pronunciation British accent.  The course has been designed for people looking to develop a British accent either for work or pleasure purposes.  Whether they work in an environment that requires a clear easily understood accent or perhaps their latest role in an amateur dramatics society requires a British accent - than this new App could be for them!

Frustrated learners of the British accent and those who would like to speak with a clear RP voice can find help with this new iPhone app. 15 different Vowel Sounds and 16 different Consonant Sounds are covered during the presentation. By learning how to pronounce each of these individual sounds correctly this will be able to improve their spoken English immediately.  Further lessons are being added to the course to include more vocabulary practice for learners. 

Alison Pitman is a UK based professional voiceover artist who provides voiceover recordings for clients worldwide.  From her home studio in Bristol, she not only records voiceovers for TV and Radio but she also provides professional audio recordings for large and small businesses throughout the world.  “ Most people just think voiceover artists record radio commercials or narration’s for TV documentaries, but more of my work comes from helping the everyday companies with the audio needs.  Whether its recording their voicemail messages, or providing a narration for their Sales power-point presentation, more businesses are looking for a professional sound to match their professional business image.” Says Alison. “More and more companies are looking to outsource their training and elearning materials, and voiceovers are an important component to a successful presentation.  Many companies choose my voice because of its native RP British accent, which I hope is a perfect choice for a clear, easily understandable voiceover!” 

“Now it’s never been easier to develop a British accent on the go.  For those whose job involves communicating in the English language will find their confidence boosted as they learn to speak in a clear, understandable accent.  Business colleagues, customers and clients will appreciate this new clear speaking voice.  Students will feel more confident communicating with clients over the phone and face to face. Confident speakers inspire trust with their customers, winning more business and impressing colleagues and managers. 
For a small investment of £2.99, this App could really reap rewards for any career and job prospects.

Even if you don’t have an iPhone or iPad, you can still access these lessons on your own PC or Mp3 player.  Visit the learningbritishaccent website for further information.

British Accent Squidoo Page

Learning British Accent Squidoo Page: http://www.squidoo.com/learning-british-accent


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