Learning British UK Accent (RP): How to Speak English with a Good Pace

How to Speak English with a Good Pace

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Many of my accent reduction clients tell me that they try to speak English quickly. When I ask them why they say, “if I speak quickly no one will notice my accent”.

Oh, oh!

If you speak English too quickly it could be contributing to your accent.

Native speakers do say some words quickly, but not all words. The most important words are lengthened and said with emphasis. We call these content and focus words.

Here are some ways to pace your speech in ways that will help your accent.

  1. Pause between phrases (thought groups) and sentences. This will  help your listeners  “catch up”  to what you are saying.
  2. Highlight the content and focus words by lengthening them and raising your pitch. You can say the less important words quickly.
  3. Use non final and series intonation in longer sentences. When you use a rising pitch at the end of initial thought groups and when presenting a series of choices you will naturally slow down.

Using the strategies described here will also add vocal variety to your speech and create a better melody.

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