Learning British UK Accent (RP): British Accent Video - Funeral Vocab

British Accent Video - Funeral Vocab


Funerals are not the most pleasant and fun topics of conversation, but they are a part of life so its important to know a few words and phrases just in case the situation arises.

Watch the video and listen to the pronunciation of each of the words. Make a note of each of the spellings too and improve your written English skills as you go along.

If you have time, consider recording yourself on your phone or other audio recorder repeating each of the words.  Play your recording back and listen - does your pronunciation match mine?

If you have difficulty with any particular sounds try and find similar words which contain the same sounds and set aside some time to repeat and practice each of these words.  You can find lists of words with the different sounds in my Ultimate RP British Accent Learning Resource.

Common words and phrases used when talking about a funeral:

For more British accent help, take a look at the Ultimate RP British Accent Learning Resource:

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