Learning British UK Accent (RP): How To Use The Ultimate RP British Accent Learning Resource…..

How To Use The Ultimate RP British Accent Learning Resource…..

If you’ve just downloaded the Ultimate RP British Accent Learning resource, then you may be feeling a little overwhelmed by the amount of different audio and video training modules. 



Where should you start?

Is there a particular way to navigate around the training package?   

Well, in short there is no right or wrong way to learn from the Ultimate RP British Accent.  You are free to start with whichever module takes your fancy or whatever area of study interests you at that particular point in time.  It’s important to remember – this is your property for ever!  There’s no need to rush through it and attempt to cover each topic right away. Feel free to take your time and revisit each and every one of the modules whenever you need to.  However, if you would like a short guide to start you on your learning journey, then this is my suggestion as to how you might approach the Ultimate RP British Accent Learning Resource. 

Firstly, I think the key modules to help you speak with an RP British accent is to learn to pronounce each of the individual sounds that make up the RP British accent.  So I would suggest to begin with looking at The Sounds In The British Accent MP4 video.  You could download the mp3 audio file on your mp3 player so you can listen to it during the day at those times when you’re not at your computer (while you’re commuting to work, walking the dog, at the gym etc )  This presentation is a good grounding in the different vowel and consonant sounds and so many of my British accent subscribers have been in touch with me to tell me how useful they’ve found this presentation and how much their British accent has improved because if it! 

Also take a look at the Spoken Sounds Mp4 video.  This is video footage to show you a close up of how the mouth, tongue, lips look like when you make these different sounds.  This should give you a good point of reference to make sure you’re placing your mouth in a similar position to produce the correct sounds. 

If you need more practice to get these sounds just right, then why not go to the mp3 Extra Vocab practice files.  Each mp3 covers 100’s of sample Vocab which demonstrate a particular vowel or consonant sound.  They’re divided into Affricates, Dipthongs, Fricatives (Parts one and two), Laterals, Plosions, Nasal Consonents, Semi-vowels, Short vowels and Long Vowels.  These are great mp3s to dip into  just to listen, copy and practice the different type of sounds using everyday vocabularly.  

Once you’re feeling more confident with the Sounds of the british accent, then why not move onto the Verb section.  This module covers the Top 300 verbs used in English.  Not only can you practice your accent, you will also become more familiar with the verbs that you’ll be using when speaking and writing in English.

After the Top 300 Verbs section, why not move onto the top 500 common words with sentences.  Again this will help familiarise yourself with common English words, their spelling, usage, as well as their correct pronunciation. 

Now you’re confident with using the words in isolation, lets now look at putting them together and becoming confident speakers and conversationists.  If you use the telephone a lot, then why not look through the telephone vocab and conversations module.  For more general, everyday situations –take a look at the 40 Conversations module.  A role-play video and audio which covers scenerios found in everyday life.

This may also be a good moment to listen to the Connected Speech module.  This module focuses on how words and sounds change when used in natural, fluent speech.  

The final three modules : 100 English Phrases and Sayings , Mispronounced Words and Industry Vocab – are designed to be more of a reference resource rather than a step-by-step training manual.  These are modules that you will probably ‘dip into ‘ when you have a specific question that relating to these areas.  However, this shouldn’t stopping you listening to each of the modules from start to finish as extra vocab and listening exercises.  

I do hope this general guide is of help to you.  Remember, this is only my thoughts, and you’re free to use the learning resource in any way you wish.  

I hope you’re finding the Ultimate RP British Accent Learning Resource helpful, and don’t forget to keep an eye out for more training updates when they come available: www.learningbritishaccent.com , Facebook, @LearnBritaccent on Twitter


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