Learning British UK Accent (RP): Become a Patron and Sponsor Learning British Accent

Become a Patron and Sponsor Learning British Accent

 Do you follow the Learning British Accent blog?  Do you enjoy watching and listening to the regular video and audio posts?  Have you found the short training videos and audio files useful and helpful to practice your RP British Accent? 

Would you like to support me in continuing to update my blog with these training materials?  If so, please do consider making a donation via this paypal link :

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A small donation (no matter how small) will enable me to continue updating the blog with pronunciation practice material such as news article recordings, nursery rhymes, fairytales and vocab lists etc…

All donations will be very gratefully received, as not only will it go towards the costs to produce the training materials, but it will be validation for me that these audio and video clips are helping you develop and improve your RP British accent.

Of course, if you have ideas and suggestions for future posts please do let me know.  I am always interested to hear your thoughts and ideas!

Thank you once again for following my blog.  Please feel free to share, retweet, pin, any of the posts that you like.   

Thank you in advance for your donation – it really is appreciated!  Please continue to enjoy my learning british accent posts and I hope they improve your pronunciation, increase your vocabulary and help you develop an authentic british accent.

donation amounts

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