Learning British UK Accent (RP): OMG we’re half-way through the year – How’s Your New Year's Resolutions going?

OMG we’re half-way through the year – How’s Your New Year's Resolutions going?

OMG we’re half-way through the year – How’s Your New Year's Resolutions going?

Was 2014 the year you learn the British accent?

 So 2014 was the year that you were going to get that British Accent?  

So how’s that working out for you?  Have you started learning it yet? 

Did you make an attempt in January, but it fizzled out by February? 

Don’t worry we’ve still got time to get you speaking in that RP British Accent by Dec 31st.  If you’ve got 15-30mins a day and a copy of the Ultimate RP BritishAccent Learning Resource, then you will soon be speaking with authentic British pronunciation. 

Don’t let 2014 be the year you lost out on that job promotion because of your lack of ‘communication skills’. 

Make 2014 the year that you were understood the first time & you no longer faced the embarrassment of having to repeat yourself to be understood.

  • Develop a clear and easily understandable speaking voice by learning the RP British accent. 
  • Daily listening and speaking practice will help you become a more confident and natural English speaker. 
  •  Communication will become easier and more enjoyable when you know that people are listening and understanding what you are saying rather than being distracted by the way you are saying it 

   So, how can you learn to speak in a British Accent?

1. Watch films or British TV shows with British actors whose accents you like or admire.  How about a James Bond film with Daniel Craig?  Or a classic feature film like Atonement with Keira Knightly ?  Comedy shows like Absolutely Fabulous with the amazing voice of Joanna Lumley will not only have you laughing but learning the British accent as you watch.

2.     Are you following all my blog posts?  Every week you will find a selection of audio and video recordings specifically created to help you with your British Accent pronunciation. All for FREE.

3.     Purchase the Ultimate RP British Accent LearningResource.  For only £29.99 you will have access to 12 modules of pronunciation practice to help you develop the correct way of making the British accent sounds, words and conversational speech.  Hours of video and audio recordings starting with :

§  The basic building blocks of the different sounds that make up the RP british accent : hear how to produce the different vowel and consonant sounds
§  moving onto different words that showcase the different sounds
§  Learn the pronunciation of the Top 500 words.  Doesn’t each and every sentence you make contain at least one of these words?
§  More word practice with the Top 300 verbs and vocab lists from the Telephone practice module to the different Industry lists ( e.g Sales and Marketing vocab, IT vocab, Human Resources Vocab and more…)
§  Taking the words and using them in sentences from Telephone conversations, the Top 500 Words put into sample sentences, and learning about the different aspects of Connected Speech

This is just a selection of the topics covered in the Ultimate RP BritishAccent Learning Resource.

Don’t waste the second half of 2014 – start learning the British Accent today and get your copy of The Ultimate RP British Accent Learning Resourcehere!

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