Learning British UK Accent (RP): Here is a Method That Is Helping English Students just like You! [AUDIO]

Here is a Method That Is Helping English Students just like You! [AUDIO]

Today’s pronunciation practice is the nursery rhyme Tom Tom The Pipers Son.  Nursery Rhymes (or Mother Goose Songs as they are known in the US) is a fun way to practice your English and your RP British accent. Hear and learn the intonation patterns, correct pronunciation and clarity of diction.
Take a listen.

 These bite size training posts are designed to help you improve your british accent speaking voice.  To increase your vocabulary and develop fluency of speech. 


Speak in a clear British accent and be easily understood in conversation.  Increase your vocabulary so you’re never lost for words!  Learn to speak confidently without hesitation.
Start Today! Teach yourself the RP British Accent : The Ultimate RP British Acent Learning Resource


However, if you are serious about teaching yourself to speak in a British Accent then you will need The Ultimate RP British Accent Learning Resource. Join the other British accent students who are using the 12 modules in the Ultimate RP British Accent Learning Resource to learn how to correctly make:
·      the Sounds in the british accent,
·      pronounce these sounds in different words,
·      hear & learn how to use these words in sentences
·      discover the elements of Connected speech and how to use them in your conversations so you sound like a native speaker

The Ultimate RP British Accent is available now for only £29.99.

You can purchase the Resource as either a digital download or access to the Private Membership Site.  Details can be found here.

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