Learning British UK Accent (RP): What is the Ultimate RP British Accent Learning Resource?

What is the Ultimate RP British Accent Learning Resource?

Put simply, it is a home-study accent course so you can teach yourself to speak with an RP British Accent. In your own time at your own pace.

The training material consists of audio, video and PDF documents arranged over 12 modules.

It is created and narrated by Alison Pitman who is a professional voiceover artist with a native RP British accent.

The Ultimate RP British Accent can be bought either as a digital download:  So you download all the files onto your PC or Mac. 

Or you can choose to access the material by becoming a member of the online private membership site.

Both options are available for the same price of £29.99.

Click here to buy now!

Here is a quick breakdown of the features of each option:

 What is Covered in the 12 Modules?

 To learn an accent you first need to become familiar and comfortable with the sounds that make up that accent.

You may find that some of these sounds are not used in your native accent so you may find them tricky to pick up at the start. Don’t worry if you have difficulty with some of the Sounds – this is completely normal.  Through practice you will find them easier to form and more natural to make!

The first 3 modules really concentrate on the Sounds:

 Module 1 : The Sounds In The British Accent ( overview of the different vowel and consonant sounds)

Module 2: Spoken Sounds ( in vision of the mouth producing each of these sounds)

Module 3: Extra Vocab Practice ( this is lists of words that focus on a particular sound.  The sound may be heard at the beginning, middle or end of the word.  The sounds are divided into Affricates, Diphthongs, Fricatives Part 1 and Part 2, Laterals, Long Vowels, Nasal consonants, Plosives, Semi-vowels, Short vowels)

 The next modules focus in more on the Words:

 Module 4: Top 300 Verbs ( used in English in the present tense)

Module 5 : Top 500 Words ( used in English. Also includes a sample sentence with each word)

 Of course Words are heard in each module and these modules feature them greatly:

 Module 9b : Mispronounced Words

Module 10: Industry Vocab  ( vocab commonly heard in the industries of Advertising, IT , HR, Sales and Marketing)


The remaining modules help you with using the words in sentences, and improving your conversational speaking voice.  You will learn and hear how the sounds and words change when used in connected speech.

Module 6 : Telephone Practice  ( telephone phrases and example telephone conversations)

Module 7 : 40 Conversations

Module 8: Connected Speech

Module 9a : Phrases and Sayings

Module 11 : Collection of Nursery Rhymes

Module 12: Collection of Fairytales.

Remember you will hear all these sounds, words and sentences spoken by a Native RP British accent speaker.  By hearing a real person speak, this should help you develop the authentic, natural accent you desire.


You can purchase the Ultimate RP British Accent at the learning british accent website.  
Click here to get a natural authentic RP British accent speaking voice!

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