Learning British UK Accent (RP): English Speaking Skills : Pronouncing First Names

English Speaking Skills : Pronouncing First Names

It's a rare conversation that doesn't require the use of someone's first name.  Even if you start a conversation more formally with a Mr or Mrs, its often the case where the respondent replies with their first name.
Addressing a person by their first name immediately creates a feeling of intimacy and familiarity so its important to get the pronunciation of the name correct.

If you've ever wondered about the correct RP British Accent pronunciation of some of the UK's most popular male and female first names than this is the post for you!

A selection of VIDEOS and AUDIO clips to help you practice your pronunciation of First names can be found here .

Take a look at this example:

If you enjoyed this video and would like to view more free videos about First names then head over to the website

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