Learning British UK Accent (RP): 'Room' for Improvement with your British Accent?

'Room' for Improvement with your British Accent?

Rooms In The Home British Accent Vocab Practice

Could there be a little room for improvement with your British Accent speaking skills?

There are many opportunities for you to be talking about different rooms in the home and the different objects you may find in them.  If you're anything like me then talking about houses and interiors is a VERY popular topic!

You may be in conversation about a recent improvement you've made to your own home, you may be chatting to an Estate agent about a potential new property, or you may be discussing one of the houses you saw on the numerous property show we have on TV!

Whatever the situation, it can help to know how to pronounce the rooms in the home and their furniture correctly.  Use these video clips to help you improve your English as well as your RP British Accent.

Here is a sample video for you to watch now:  if you like it visit the Rooms In The Home post to watch the complete set of video clips

For the full collection of videos please visit the Rooms In The Home post

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