Learning British UK Accent (RP): 11/01/2016 - 12/01/2016

Get Clear On Your British Accent Progress with this Helpful Checklist


Have you been teaching yourself to speak English with a British Accent?

Do you find yourself going round in circles?

Are you not sure of what progress, if any, you are making?

Get a grip on your British Accent

Download this FREE CHECKLIST TODAY and
  • Be guided  through each of the British Accent Sounds in a logical, ordered way
  • Record yourself, listen back and honestly appraise your ability with each individual sound
  • Tick the column which represents your ability best for each sound

At the end of this exercise you will have a snapshot of 
  • What sounds you have mastered
  • What sounds you really need to spend more time on so you are confident you can nail the pronunciation correctly each time
If you need help improving your British Accent and would benefit by hearing and seeing a native RP British accent speaker guide you through the correct pronunciation: 

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What Are You Waiting For? Get the Free Checklist TODAY!

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