Learning British UK Accent (RP): 12/01/2016 - 01/01/2017

British Accent Courses : Closing Soon!!!

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The two courses - "9 Weeks To A Great British Accent" & "The Ultimate RP British Accent Learning Resource" are to be withdrawn from sale after December 30th 2016.

  • Is your New Year's Resolution to learn to speak English with a British Accent?
  • Are you fed up being asked to repeat yourself 
  • Are you frustrated that your accent is not immediately understood?
  • Would you like to communicate clearly and confidently?
  • Do you think your accent is holding back your career and work opportunities?
  • Is your accent preventing you from finding that special someone?
Its time to make a change - a change for the better!
Why not make 2017 your year that you take action and achieve your goals.  
Improve your spoken voice with the help of these British Accent courses:

Course 1 : The 9 Weeks To A Great British Accent – £19.99
 Learn to pronounce the various sounds found in the RP British accent. 45 short videos serialised over 60 days teaching you the pronunciation of each of the British Accent sounds – the building blocks to learning the British accent. Find out more
 12 modules of audio and video British Accent training. Modules include Connected Speech, Top 500 Words with sentences, Top 300 Verbs and 40 Conversations. Find out more
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Don't Let Another Year Pass You By - Get Ready For 2017

How excited are you about 2017?  

Is 2017 going to be the year that you finally get a British Accent?

I love this time of year – coming up to the holidays and looking forward to spending time with friends and family.  I also particularly love the anticipation of the start of a brand new year.  It always feels that everything is fresh, new and full of opportunity.  Seeing the whole year rolled out in front of you – the possibilities are endless!
I’ve already started planning out all the new British Accent videos, audio and blog posts I’m going to create and share with you throughout 2017.  If you have any suggestions of what content I should include please do let me know 🙂

What Are Your 2017 Plans?

So what about you?  What are your plans for 2017?  If you follow learningbritishaccent.com and its various social media outlets, I have a strong suspicion you’re interested in the British accent.  Right?
But just how deep does that interest go?
Which one of these statements fits you best?
  • I love the British Accent and enjoy pretending to have one with my friends. Its just a bit of a laugh really..
  • I’m really interested in the British accent.  I’ve learnt English and think speaking it with a British accent would be really good.  I don’t really know where to start, so I just listen and watch all the free training material I can get my hands on.  I don’t really have a system of learning, its just a bit random.
  • I know that speaking English with a British accent will help my speech be clearer and more easier to understand. I know that people find me awkward to talk to as they don’t always understand my English. I know this is really affecting my relationships and is harming my opportunities. I know until I get my speech sorted, I will constantly find it difficult to communicate with friends and colleagues. And I will see everyone else get ahead in their work, promotions and income – even though I know I’m just as good as them.  I’m taking control and going to get a plan.I’m no longer going to waste my time scrabbling around trying to find the best free training material on the internet. I going to invest in myself and get a British Accent training course where the information is all in one place which will help me to learn to speak English clearly in 2017.

Will You Speak English With A British Accent in 2017

So which of those statements do you most relate to?
If you are like statement 1, then learning the British accent is just a hobby.  And that’s totally fine.  Its great to have a pastime learning an accent or another language – it keeps the brain cells whirring and is a positive and enjoyable way to spend your leisure time.  You may also be an Actor or Actress and just need to learn the accent for a new role. Learning the British accent is just a necessity for the part and not really needed in your everyday existence.  If this sounds like you then do continue to use all the free training material you can find on the Blog section of the website.
Are you a Statement 2 type of person? I think the majority of visitors to this website fall into this category.  You see the value of a British accent, you understand how it could really help you feel more confident speaking and communicating with friends, colleagues, the general public.  But you don’t value YOURSELF enough to invest in an organised training course that can actually work. You would rather devalue your time by mindlessly scrolling through endless websites, videos, etc to devour all the free content you can get your hands on.  Remember time is money. Put a monetary value of each hour you spend trying to locate useful free British accent training material.  Say each hour of your time is worth £5. That’s below the minimum wage. If you surf the net for just four hours, searching, then forgetting to bookmark useful pages, having to remember the search term you used in google to get to the page, and possibly ending up with information that although interesting just isn’t exactly what you need to move forward with your accent -those 4 hours total to £20. £20 which you could have spent on getting the “9 Weeks To A Great British Accent”course ( and had change back!) For that wasted time, you could have been on your way to learning the correct pronunciation of each of the RP British accent sounds – all for the small price to pay of £19.99.
So when you are spending money buying gifts for the ones you love this holiday season, take a moment and think.  Should I give myself a gift ?  Invest in your future and a positive, hopeful 2017.
Is Statement 3 where you’re at? Congratulations on having the self-awareness and foresight in understanding your problem and its solution. You VALUE yourself, and your future self, enough to take action and make improvements. Your decision now is to decide which training course suits your needs the best.  Take a little time to research – but be mindful how long you spend researching.  Pick a deadline and make sure by then you know and have chosen the course you wish to follow. Don’t lose your positivity and drive in the research phase – remember many online courses are not too expensive. You may consider purchasing more than one option , giving you a range of resources to guide you through your accent training.
You may not decide to purchase one of my training courses, and thats fine.  If you feel a better choice can be made elsewhere than go for it!  Just have the confidence in yourself that you can achieve what you want – you just need to start and keep going 🙂

So What Should I Do Now?

You need to make a decision.  Are you serious or not?
If you have no real interest in speaking English with a British accent then admit it.  Stop wasting your time visiting this site, following the twitter, facebook, youtube , Google+ accounts and go and find something more useful to do instead. Unsubscribe from the newsletter list – and sign up to something you have the intention to follow through with.
By doing this you will be helping us all – yourself from freeing you from an unrealistic dream, and you’ll also be helping me.  If I can see that there is no real need or interest from people then I can stop creating and producing all the various british accent videos, audios, PDF’s, blog posts.  I can take my British Accent content calendar for 2017 and rip it up.  Move on to helping people in another area or field of interest.
Don’t feel bad about taking the decision that learning the British accent is not for you.  It takes courage to MAKE A DECISION.
If you have decided that 2017 is going to be your year for a new accent, new you.  Then take advantage of this December, and get a headstart. Research and make a decision on what course of action you will take.
You can start your research by looking over the details of the courses available here.  Visit the British Accent Courses page and read and watch the videos for each of the different courses.  You can always buy both of the courses as the British Accent Bundle, if you can’t decide which course is best for you.
Enough – Go take action!  And Best of Luck to you all for 2017 and beyond!!!