Learning British UK Accent (RP): British Accent Courses : Closing Soon!!!

British Accent Courses : Closing Soon!!!

If you're considering purchasing any of the British Accent courses on our website www.learningbritishaccent.com - don't put off your purchase any longer.

The two courses - "9 Weeks To A Great British Accent" & "The Ultimate RP British Accent Learning Resource" are to be withdrawn from sale after December 30th 2016.

  • Is your New Year's Resolution to learn to speak English with a British Accent?
  • Are you fed up being asked to repeat yourself 
  • Are you frustrated that your accent is not immediately understood?
  • Would you like to communicate clearly and confidently?
  • Do you think your accent is holding back your career and work opportunities?
  • Is your accent preventing you from finding that special someone?
Its time to make a change - a change for the better!
Why not make 2017 your year that you take action and achieve your goals.  
Improve your spoken voice with the help of these British Accent courses:

Course 1 : The 9 Weeks To A Great British Accent – £19.99
 Learn to pronounce the various sounds found in the RP British accent. 45 short videos serialised over 60 days teaching you the pronunciation of each of the British Accent sounds – the building blocks to learning the British accent. Find out more
 12 modules of audio and video British Accent training. Modules include Connected Speech, Top 500 Words with sentences, Top 300 Verbs and 40 Conversations. Find out more
Can't decide?  Get BOTH courses in the British Accent Bundle

Remember these courses are closing VERY soon - don't delay, buy them today and take your first step to a British Accent. 

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