Learning British UK Accent (RP): About


Alison Pitman is a professional Voiceover Artist with a Native RP British Accent. Her voice has been used by hundreds of different companies and organisations to inform, educate and inspire their customers and clients. 
Whatever the project:
  • phone system recordings,
  • E-Learning narrations,
  • TV and Radio commericals,
  • Presentation and Training voiceovers,
  • Online and Offline Video narration,
  • Documentary and Audio books recording
- Alison has the voice for you!

Taking her voiceover experience and natural RP accent, Alison has created a series of audio and video files to help others develop their own RP British Accent. She hopes that you find her learning resources and her Voice useful in the development and improvement of your own Accent training.

If you would like to book Alison for your next Voiceover project, please contact her at alison@thephonevoice.com