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Teach yourself to speak in an RP British Accent ( traditionally spoken by BBC broadcasters and news readers) with the learning british accent website

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30 second British Accent Practice - Hot Cross Buns nursery rhyme

Get your daily fix of RP British Accent training!  Listen and repeat Hot Cross Buns:
Hot cross buns!
Hot cross buns!

One a penny two a penny -
Hot cross buns

If you have no daughters,
give them to your sons

One a penny two a penny -
Hot cross buns

This and 49 other nursery rhymes are available as part of the Ultimate RP British Accent Learning Resource. If you want to teach yourself to speak in an RP British Accent then take a look: http://www.learningbritishaccent.com

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Listen to Part1 "The Angel" Fairytale - British Accent listening & speaking Practice

Practice your listening and speaking skills with todays audio recording.  Listening to stories are not only an enjoyable way of hearing a native speaker, but the long form text should allow you to hear the elements of connected speech.

Need More British Accent Help?

The Ultimate RP British Accent Learning Resource has 5 modules dedicated to helping you learn and hear the RP British accent when it is used in conversations.   Words and sounds can change slightly when spoken as part of sentences rather than individually.  The Ultimate RP British Accent has :

  • Module 6 : Telephone Phrases & Conversations
  • Module 7 : 40 Conversations
  • Module 8: Connected Speech
  • Module 9: Phrases and Sayings
  • Bonus 1: Collection of 50 Nursery Rhymes
  • Bonus 2: Collection of Fairytales

and another 6 modules concentrating on Words and Sounds of the RP British Accent.
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British Accent Vocab Practice - Workshop Tools (2)

Here is another collection of words connected to Workshop Tools.
If you're going to a hardware store to purchase tools for a DIY project, discussing a building project with friends or contractors , you should find these words helpful.
Begin your conversation with confidence knowing that you have the correct pronunciation of the various tools to be employed.

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If you are looking for more in-depth british accent training then go to the website and read all about the Ultimate RP British Accent Learning Resource: http://www.learningbritishaccent.com/#3

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